Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Class Rewind: 2007 Defense

Today we continue looking back to past classes for the Ducks. Through the first four articles we have seen that the Ducks have had plenty of players that could be considered "over-achievers" as their production both during college and after far exceeded their expectations. We have also seen several players who either did not live up to their expectations or simply never made it to Oregon. Today we look at the class of 2007. As always, it seems, there are some hits, some misses, some players who never made it to campus and, in the case of this season, tragedy thrown into the mix. The defensive class of 2007 signed 15 players to a large class of 29. There were 6 players signed that were projected to play defensive line, only two of those players finished their careers at Oregon. The defensive backs and linebackers signed, though, showed much better retention and production. Let us take a look back, now, at the defensive players signed in the class of 2007:

Name Position Stars Games Started
Tonio Cellotto

Impact: Cellotto had opportunity to play early for the Ducks. He played well in his limited snaps and appeared in 12 games as a true freshman recording 4.5 tackles for loss. Appeared in 12 more games as a sophomore, then left the team when a close family member became ill. Tonio bounced around after leaving Oregon. Last season, he re-enrolled at Humboldt State University. He played in just one game before injury ended his season prematurely. He is currently awaiting a ruling from the NCAA requesting a sixth season of eligibility under a hardship waiver.
DT 0/26
Todd Doxey

Impact: Much was expected of Todd. Based on his stellar performances for the scout team as a redshirt, he was ready to begin delivering on that promise as the 2008 season approached. As most Duck fans know, Todd drowned during a summer outing at the river. He left a lasting impact on the team and his legacy as a Duck will survive always. The team has an award named after the former safety.
DB 0/0
Simi Fili

Impact: Another name in a string of defensive tackles that never made it to the Oregon campus, Fili was well thought of as a recruit. That great promise never materialized as Fili failed to meet NCAA standards. Comign from a very rough neighborhood, Fili, whose uncle was featured in a A&E episode of Gang Wars, Fili struggled to find his path. In 2011, Fili attempted to resurrect his football career at a Mississippi junior college.
DT 0/0

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