Sunday, June 22, 2014

A new beginning

Tomorrow marks a new day; a new beginning.

It has been a difficult struggle for me over the last year. I have been balancing many things including my inability to separate the writing from the writer.

While this all began as a bit of an experiment, there was always plenty of accolade for what was done; when I tried to become that which I had originally opposed; a journalist; it backfired on my psyche.

While I could say I was trying to be objective, the criticism was difficult on a personal level. I had not yet separated the writing from the writer. I took criticism too personal.

Over the course of the last seven months I have worked to simply find my own voice again. At times, I  thought the voice was lost forever. At other times, I thought that the receivers simply did not get the voice. I thought it was they who were lost.

Today, I recognize that neither was lost; only my recognition of where reality lay.

Tomorrow, I begin a new chapter in my writing life as I have found a voice for whatever creative side to writing I have while balancing the more factual side. In my day-to-day writing, the reality is that I write for a site which covers recruiting. That means that my daily writing is focused, for the most part, on recruiting topics.

There is a different side to me, though, that wants to attempt to create some form or word art. I may or may not be successful in each attempt, but that side of me needs a chance to be expressed and it needs the opportunity to be seen outside of the "pay" world or writing.

I love writing for Duck Sports Authority and sharing my thoughts with our readers. That is not going to change anytime soon. Tomorrow, though, I have the opportunity to share some of my more personal thoughts on the Ducks with a different audience.

I hope that Duck fans appreciate this new direction. I hope they enjoy my opinions. Well, at the very least, I hope this gives them a perspective not expressed prior.

All will be more clear tomorrow.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.

Go Ducks!
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