Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Wrap Up

Our Tailgate View
As expected, the Ducks rolled over a Nevada team missing it's most potent weapon from last season, the graduated Colin Kaepernick. Though the scoring margin is large and the fans will feel very comfortable with the manner in which the Ducks bounced back, you can be certain that coaches will find some things that need to be worked on; that is their job.

I have yet to see a football team play a 100% perfect game. The reason some teams have continued success while others flounder, aside from talent, of course, is that some coaches understand that yesterday's success is also yesterday's news. A win against Nevada only gives the team areas to look at and find ways to improve.

The fortunate part about the schedule as it plays out now is that the next team, Missouri State, is not a challenge in any traditional manner. Yet, Chip Kelly will have this team convinced that they need to work hard this week. Sometimes the win is in how you prepare for a team that you are significantly better than on the field. This is the difference between a great coach and a good coach. A good coach looks at 69 points and says “great game guys.” A great coach looks at the score from Saturday and says “500 yards of offense and 20 points to an inferior team? We have some work to do. Be ready.”

So begins another week of Duck football.

De'Anthony Thomas
On a bright side, there were plenty of positives from yesterday that show Oregon has an incredibly bright future. De'Anthony Thomas had a great game and his performance has been covered extensively. However, Colt Lyerla showed why Duck fans are so excited about his potential. The catch he made for the TD was nothing short of incredible. In addition, there is a true freshman Offensive Lineman making his presence known; Jake Fisher. When he is through at Oregon Fisher may go down as the best offensive lineman in school history.

Though many have talked about Hroniss Grasu, I think it bears mentioning that the snaps and blocking of Grasu have been very steady so far, this is a big relief to fans who were worried about the Center position; it is in good hands.

Our tailgate location is incredible. We have an unbelievable location to tailgate from this year. There is so much room because of our location that it almost feels like we are in our own private yard! We have a tree for shade in front of our spot, a great grass location for one spot where we put our food tent at and a second spot which is ideal for watching the games on TV as we tailgate.

For those that missed it, the Yakitori was AWESOME. Looking forward to next Saturday!
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