Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Fun

750 The Game Appearance

Made an appearance on Dave Smith's show to talk about the Nevada game as well as follow up on Lache Seastrunk. Essentially, there is no news yet on Lache's hardship waiver. At this point in time there is no ruling from the NCAA regarding his waiver. We will keep you updated, as soon as we hear something, it will be posted.

Talked about the Ducks against Nevada. Nothing groundbreaking. Did mention that, as a former college strength coach, I am fairly confident that LaMichael James is faster BECAUSE of the muscle. I was faster at 225 pounds and 35 than I was at 23 and 180... the added strength should help James be faster than before.

We also discussed the difference between LSU and Nevada including the fact that Nevada has 2 new Defensive Ends and considerably smaller than LSU's defensive front which should spell good news for the Duck offense. As soon as the podcast is available, I will see if I can post it here.

Kiko Alonso Reinstated

As expected, Kiko Alonso has been reinstated to the team. This appears to be the right decision and we should all welcome Kiko back to the team. He has certainly climbed the different rungs of the ladder Chip Kelly set up for his return. Chip is very harsh on his discipline and if this is the time that he feels is appropriate, then that is something to be respected. Whatever demons a man fights with, having hope is an incredibly important component to his long term recovery. Without hope, there is no reason to recover. Personally, I hope Kiko has used this time to conquer whatever demons he may be battling in his life. These are still young men, we must keep their person in our hearts and not worry so much about the football aspect.

It looks like Josh Kaddu was right! Though, as A.J. Jacobson points out, I am certain he has been talked to very sternly regarding what he says to the press!

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