Friday, August 19, 2011

Reason for being in Portland?

It turns out that there is a reason Darron Thomas was in Portland on Saturday June 11, 2011. He was selected as a player representative to the Grand Marshall group.

From the Rose Festival Parade:

"Along with player representatives, the University of Oregon will be represented by President Lariviere and Senior Vice President and Provost James Bean riding in a vintage auto, as well as cheerleaders and, of course, The Duck."

Photo Courtesy ChileDuck via UO Alumni Magazine

From the left only one I am unsure of is far left, but looks like Michael Clay, then Darron Thomas, Duck Mascot, President Lariviere, Terrell Turner, Kenny Rowe and Rose Festival President Sue Bunday.

EDIT: UPDATE: It turns out that the picture above is from the day they were selected. Thomas was not in the Duck truck at the Grand Floral Parade. He was, however, in Portland for the parade. He chose to stay longer than his ride to Portland, so found a different ride home.

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