Monday, August 26, 2013

DSA Tailgate: 2013 Nicholls State Edition

Okay... that time has arrived... TAILGATE time!

So, we SHOULD have a Clear Wireless set up in time for the tailgate so that game viewing will not be a problem... and we have made an upgrade this year... 32 inch television for game days this year!

For those still unsure how to get there... we are at the WEST DYS entrance... as you enter, to your left is a grass field... we are at the WEST end of that field, very close to the goal posts... you can call me if you need guided in...

What: DSA Tailgate -Nicholls State
When: Aug. 31, 2013
Time: ~ 9:00AM local time depending on just how early we are allowed to get there... last time we were there at 4:00 AM
Where: DYS Parking Lot Space 223
Donations: Donations may be made at the game with cash or through
PayPal: To pay with paypal you can use my email address:
Email Address:
Cell Phone: 503-807-9543

COMMENTS: Remember that we will have the following amenities:

*-TV with cable to watch games during tailgate
*-Food: Burgers, Hot Dogs, Brats
*-Beverages: Beer, Sodas, Blended Drinks

If there are ANY questions, call me at the Cell number listed... thanks!

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